Our research begins with a look at the proposition produced by each of the mortgage networks, but whereas for a busy adviser this could be the only research undertaken, for Which Network this is only the starting point for their research.  This exercise is usually followed up by an information gathering meeting with people who have inside information on the network to find out how or if they actually accomplish what they claim they do in their marketing material.  Our standard questionnaire to a network lists 40 different sections of their business and in total we cover more than 128 important network variables.

We then turn to the financial health of a network and look at the published financial information and accounts from Companies House, however being naturally cynical and realising that the accounts of any limited company can be up to eighteen months old we also commission risk analysis reports from a firm of specialist accountants.  Although it’s a truism that nothing is certain other than death or taxes, as you can see we go to great lengths to make sure we have all the relevant financial information on networks.


Finally we consult our knowledgebase to see what our clients, mortgage brokers, the network’s current AR’s and the mortgage press have to say about a network alongside the accumulated results of our mystery shopping exercises.

All of this information is added to various other data sources so we can offer you the results of our research based on what a networks current and passed AR’s are telling us are their strengths and weaknesses, to provide you with a report based on hard, objective evidence.