10 Ideas on How to Use Facebook if you’re a Mortgage Broker

Social Media For Mortgage Brokers

10 Ideas on How to Use Facebook if you’re a Mortgage Broker

Facebook’s everywhere isn’t it? Love it or hate it, with a lot of people swinging both ways you just can’t ignore it. Or at least most of us can’t ignore it at any rate.

This posting is aimed at giving the social media novices amongst us, just a few ideas on content for a FB page to promote your business.

First thing to question I suppose is “I’ve survived “X” years without one, why should I bother having a Facebook Page?” Of course the answer to that question could be, you don’t need one. If you’re already getting more business than you can handle, your client base live in caves, are mainly technophobic or at the other end of the scale are all super rich and spend way too much time jetting around the globe enjoying film star lives to bother with sad “virtual” friends then it’s clearly not for you, so go and have a coffee or check your stocks and shares and don’t waste a second more on this tedious article!

For the rest of us peasants, just getting through life having to put our own pants on in the morning and for who having that first shot of coke means stopping off at the local newspaper shop and dipping in to their cold drinks fridge it’s probably best you at least indulge in a little speed reading. Of course just as everyone’s different, as you’d expect everyone’s business is different so if some points just plain don’t apply to your setup then have a think and see if you can use the principle in some other way.

1) It’s not a silver bullet and should never be your total marketing strategy. It goes hand in hand with advertising, networking, personal referrals, and sniffing out good introducers.

2) It usually works best when it’s informal and should never, ever look like a marketing ploy.

3) It’s got to be interesting. “You got a new laptop” isn’t news. Unless of course “You got a new laptop. It’s a Koshi Noshi 3,000 with windows 8 which is the bane of your life. You’ve already almost smashed the infernal machine 5 times and the real miracle of modern technology is that it’s seduced you into paying £700 for a laptop which on paper should be 70 times as fast as your old steam one, but in actual fact means that it now takes you 3 times as long to do the most simple task and your doctor has said the jolly old blood pressure is up 14 points, your cat has stopped talking to you! And the wife left you for someone called Derek last weekend and hasn’t returned your car yet!” That’s a bit more interesting, so keep it light.

4) Include a call to action on each page. By this I mean at the very least have a “contact me” button or a little form, but you could also have an “insurance information please” button, or a “how can I save on my insurance” button, or even a “can I get a mortgage” button and a “free mortgage advice” button. Try to avoid the dreaded “click here for………”

5) Away again from the boring professional bits. Include loads of images. It doesn’t matter that you look nothing like Hugh Jackman or Scarlett Johansson, in the real world Hugh and Scarlett look nothing like Hugh and Scarlett so that’s not a problem. Just get your mug up there on the screen, staff, customers (ask them first of course), anyone associated with the business

6) Decide in advance how much of you, that’s the real personal you goes on display. I’m not talking about that 2 minute video you and the wife made drunk in Las Vegas with a tub of Ben and Jerries’ a stuffed Aardvark and the New Zealand Conker championship team. I’m talking more in the vane of revues of holiday destination’s or charity events (do lots of these).

7) And don’t be scared to ask questions as well as putting information up there. Social media has to be a two-way Street for it to work so if you’re thinking of going to Spain for example, invite your Facebook friends to chip in with their advice on good places they’ve been in Spain. If you’re considering moving office, has anyone seen any to let going in the area?

8) Use competitions from time to time to keep people checking in. The prizes don’t need to be massive and compared to what you would pay for a small advert in a local newsrag this can be very good value. An Ipad (the cheapest junior will do), a DAB radio, half a dozen blue tooth shower speakers for smart phones or tablets and occasionally some zanier stuff. What about a tour of the local cheese farm for two including lunch, or clay pigeon shooting, sausage making or VIP tickets for the next big cinema hit, including ice cream of course. Basically anything which the winner might not have done before or at least hasn’t done for a long time and therefore is memorable is good! And make sure you do a posting on how they liked the prize after the event.

9) Cats and Dogs………………. OK other animals as well. There’s loads of funny videos on FB so share them around, let your clients have a laugh, it might be Monday and they might really need it.

10) BEWARE – give it at least a year and do a couple of posts a week before doing a detailed assessment of results. If you do a couple of weeks and then stop posting stuff it won’t work, If don’t answer peoples posts and join in with the community stuff it won’t work, Social Media, the clue is in the name, if it looks too salesy or plain boring it won’t work. And don’t, ever quote percentages and products or put any stuff up there that could fall foul of regulation!

11) There is no 11. You’ve got a cheek haven’t you I only promised 10, just get out there and give it a whirl. Which Network has discussed Social Media presence with loads of mortgage advisers who already have pages up there and are picking up work from them so do a bit more reading on the subject then do it!