Bad Day? Well if you’re still trading that’s a good starting point for a pat on the back

Bad Day? Well if you’re still trading that’s a good starting point for a pat on the back

This posting really comes off the back of a Guardian article I read recently regarding the collapse of the News on Sunday in 1987. Although that’s obviously a while ago I do think that for anyone who’s struggling or even just feeling a bit worn down by the grind of running a small or medium business at the minute it could provide a salutary lesson that life in business can be hard and just being still there, still trading and keeping a roof over your families head is a great thing and definitely worth a pat on the back.

The newspaper in question was to be a main stream, mass market left wing Sunday newspaper, a concept that didn’t really exist at that time, although politically, this is a charge I’ve heard levelled against the Guardian from time to time.

Anyhow having raised £6.5 million, the business managed to burn through that in about 6 weeks and that was with Jon Pilger as editor-in-chief, although he apparently saw the light and left before the newspaper actually published. A marketing study had been undertaken which indicated that it would sell 1.2 million copies a week, but all of this turned out to be complete pie in the sky and the paper closed soon after following a brief spell out of bankruptcy when it was bought by the millionaire and serial entrepreneur Owen Oyston, currently owner of Blackpool FC and well worth a look up on Google!

But this isn’t doom and gloom (and certainly not for you) all I’m saying is if you’re not Richard Branson or Steve Jobs don’t be too hard on yourself. Almost all enterprises tend to run in cycles good and bad so all you need to do is hang on, keep your head down, keep pushing and good times will certainly follow. In the river of life, you’re never alone with 5.4 million of us other small businesses swimming alongside you.

So best of luck, chin up and just keep doing your thing.