How Can Mere Mortals Combat Robo Advice?

How Can Mere Mortals Combat Robo Advice?

Well, I like to think I’m pretty much ahead of the pack in terms of keeping up with technology, although I will admit that “thinking” and “being” ahead of the pack are very different things.  I’ve even written a couple of articles on AI and how eventually it’s going to allow everyone much more leisure time, a euphemism of course for putting everyone out of a job but I certainly didn’t think this sort of thing would rear its head so quickly.

Looking for the answer to the problem, although it’s an answer in the transitional period and not forever, the first thing I would say is that humans tend to react much better to other humans rather than really engaging in a conversation with a machine, other than people who are extremely withdrawn or psychopaths you understand, so you have an inbuilt advantage in this contest.  That being the case, I’m sure that with just those two paragraphs many people reading this article will have already grasped the answer, namely just fall back on your “humanity”.

Don’t let the Monday morning syndrome rear its ugly head and make sure you always appear to be interested in all aspects of your client’s life that they may decide to share with you.  Pretty generic advice for any long term relationship anyhow you may think but rallying against the march of the robots it becomes even more important.

Remember, with current and medium term technology no robot is going to notice a boat in the drive and make small talk about the joys of getting wet in the freezing North sea whilst simultaneously risking drowning for the reward of catching a couple of small codling which could have been bought at the local supermarket for under a fiver.  It’s a human thing and can be applied to motor cycling “34 times more likely to be killed than a car driver”, or following a football team “spending £800 a year to sit outside in all weathers and watch 22 millionaires kicking a bag of wind around”, the list goes on and on and machines don’t get any of it.

Try to sound more human on any voicemail messages you leave, or with your own voicemail/answerphone messages.  Make emails slightly more chatty, not crazy and please don’t even try for zany, but less formal is usually a good idea.  Make sure you keep in touch on a regular basis, say every 3 months and use your CRM system to take notes about birthdays or events, “How was your daughter’s wedding” and other every day, off the financial topic stuff casually slipped into a conversation, all helps to push you up the slippery slope from mortgage adviser to family friend and nobody has a family friend who’s a toaster.  Human’s rule!