How do I use Which Network?

It’s really quite simple if you are looking to become an appointed representative of a new network and are moving because you’ve outgrown your current network or they no longer fit in with the way you work; or you are DA looking to reduce costs and improve your compliance safety net by going AR and using a network; or you are an experienced mortgage adviser in an employed or self-employed position with a source of leads and are looking for the best place to set up as an independent business.

The starting point should be our contact form.


Once we get your contact form, we will usually give you a call to get more of an idea of your likes and dislikes, how you see your business and yourself going forward as well as how you got to where you are now.  This might seem a bit “new age”, but at the end of the day, the character and fit of the network you join really is as important as the commission levels and fees. Far more people leave their current mortgage networks because they feel they can’t trust them anymore, they don’t like the way they handle compliance, or they feel they are just not appreciated than leave because they can get 3% extra on protection commission elsewhere.


We aren’t saying commission levels and proc fees aren’t important of course as making a profit is the reason you are in business.  What we are saying that as an appointed representative, commission and proc fees are just part of a greater picture.  What ultimately matters for most people is the bottom line income from their business and how easy it is to make that income.


The next step, once we have an idea of both you and your businesses requirements is to use that business profile in our research and utilising our knowledge base come to a conclusion about who we think is the right network for you.


We’ll then send you your free report on our findings which will explain not only which network we think fits your business the best, but also details the reasons behind our recommendation.  Finally we will ask someone from whichever network comes out on top to give you a call the day after you receive our report, run through their proposition in greater detail and answer any specific questions you might have regarding the latest commissions or proc fees for example.