Mortgage Brokers Don’t Leave The Door Open to Someone Stealing Your Clients


Mortgage Brokers Don’t Leave The Door Open to Someone Stealing Your Clients

I have covered this subject a long while back, about 4 years back actually but from conversations I’ve had recently it’s obvious that not everyone is covering all the bases with their clients. To some it might seem so obvious that it doesn’t need saying but existing clients are always going to be easier to get business from than new clients and considering you don’t need to advertise to get their business and don’t need to pay a referral fee they’re also a lot more cost effective.

If you haven’t already guessed where this is going then the moral of the story is do everything you can to hang on to your existing clients, be right on the end of the phone when they need you, keep them amuse, informed and smothered in love, basically make sure they never forget you., what you’ve done for them in the past and what you can do for them in the future. Keep in regular contact and I’m talking a minimal of every three months here not annually or when their current product comes out of its tie in period or if your income seems to be taking a dip.

So much for attack however, the other side of this strategy defence is to make sure that they aren’t open to other mortgage brokers or IFA’s offering them their services and one of the best ways to do this is to make sure they have everything they need from you! Don’t just help them with their mortgage, notice “help” not “sell”, you’re an adviser not a salesman. Make sure you also sort out their life and family income protection, ASU if they need it and buildings and contents.

If your CRM system doesn’t do it for you or maybe you aren’t 100% up on all the bells and whistles that it has then a simple matrix like to one on this posting will help.

Just remember if for example you aren’t satisfying your clients insurance needs then someone else will and if they’ve got any business acumen they won’t just stop there, “If you let me know when your current mortgage deal is up, we can have a look at saving you some money on that” or “have you got a will?” Ring fence your clients before they’re somebody else’s clients!