Why Mortgage Brokers Need a Mobile Friendly Website


Why Mortgage Brokers Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Isn’t it amazing how technology flies along? Having worked in and around Financial Services for some 20 years now I can remember when my first website as a mortgage broker, generated decent volumes of work without any PPC or off site search engine optimisation, basically because the internet was, if not a desert at the time then certainly the outback with a relatively tiny number of mortgage broking sites around and mine had nice photos and links to contact forms so it was obviously top notch.

That would have been around the early 2000’s but fast forward to today and it’s a totally different planet. Much smaller, easier to keep in touch with people and much easier to get an online presence, but paradoxically much more difficult to get your message heard. I’m guessing this won’t be news for a lot of brokers who already have websites, quite a few of which won’t be generating much if any business. Of course there are other benefits to having a professional looking website quite apart from than its ability to generate leads but one of the problems with it could well be that it isn’t mobile friendly.

From 74% of people using a laptop or PC to access the internet 2 years ago, this is now the preferred route to browsing for less the 44% of the population with 33% using their smartphone to go online. If you also take into consideration that within the 44% figure there will undoubtedly be a large number of office and educational users then it’s quite likely that for ordinary people, the type that are looking for mortgages and insurance then a mobile friendly site has moved from “would like” to “must have”.

Additionally Google has now changed its algorithm to positively discriminate in favour of websites which are mobile friendly. This now means that if you don’t have a mobile friendly website you’re more likely to be ignored.

For those of you who maybe aren’t quite sure of the difference between the two here are a couple of examples. If you look these up on your mobile, you can see that this first example www.mgproperty.co.uk is typical of standard sites over the last 5 years and isn’t very clear on a mobile. By this I mean there isn’t a mobile version of the site so you just get the same page but really small, that’s to say way too small to read without zooming in and panning across the page to read text. The second mobile friendly site which seems vaguely familiar on the other hand www.which-network.co.uk adjusts to the device you are using and gives a much better user experience. Obviously there are cost implications in this issue, but for a simple standard spec site we’re talking about less than the income from a single mortgage deal so it’s got to be money well spent and remember deciding not to do this has implications as well since an increasing number of competitors will be mobile friendly!