Which Network is an independent mortgage network consultancy who exist purely to help mortgage find the best network for their business. Whether they are concerned with increasing problems within their current networks, currently operating directly authorised and looking to reduce their compliance overhead by using a network or mortgage advisers currently working in an employed capacity or working as a registered individual who are at the stage in their career where they want to become independent and run their own business.

Our free service is dedicated to helping you to find the right network for your business by researching our comprehensive databank, containing information provided by the networks themselves, detailed industry knowledge, mystery shopping exercises on the networks and a huge amount of feedback obtained from more than 1,500 AR firms over the 12 plus years we have been in business.

With our finger firmly on the FS sector pulse we are also a source of industry information for some of the sectors top magazines, forum sites and freelance authors.

We provide comment on changes within the industry both regulatory changes and changes on working practices from the banks and other lenders. We are in favour of regulatory change where those changes are required to safe guard Mortgage Brokers or their clients, but fiercely opposed to any changes which seem to have been put in place only so the government of the day can say they are “doing something” about the latest financial issue.

With a Director having many years of experience in financial services both from an independent mortgage brokers viewpoint and a mortgage networks position we are dedicated to playing our small part in helping to improve the public’s perception of the financial services sector whenever we can.

In short Which Network will help you find the mortgage network, which best fits your business needs and supports your aspirations.