Why Being Charitable Works For Small Businesses

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Why Being Charitable Works For Small Businesses

Often when we think of businesses giving to charity we think of big business, like Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon who gave away $2 billion last year or Microsoft and the Bill Gates Foundation giving a paltry $150 million.  But the fact is that supporting local charities and worthy causes can also be a good thing for small to medium sized businesses.

Obviously it helps to identify your business as one of the good guys and a business that cares about the local community, but apart from the feelgood factor it can be a great source of cheap advertising, as people talk and spreading a positive vibe about your company is something that’s very difficult to buy.

You can always donate the football kits for local school or pub teams, suitably logo’d of course. But you can also sponsor an event, or better still if you have a little bit of time and the administrative skills you could actually help to organise a local event.  With any of this however it’s important to make sure that it’s covered by the local newspaper, even though there aren’t so many actual newspapers sold now most of the existing ones have an online version of the newspaper which as a spin off helps to boost your internet presence as well.

If you’re not cash rich at the minute, why not look at offering your services instead.  Offer your time and experience.  If you’re in the building trade for example, put any charity building projects in your area in touch with the best material sources in the area or if you have the skill set help with the construction.

Consider linking up with other businesses in your area, for example if you’re helping to organise an event for old people, you could team up with a local taxi firm to offer free or cut price transport for old people to get to and from the event, in return for a mention in all of the articles and publicity generated by the event and handing out their cards to everyone visiting.

But you should remember, consistency is one of the key elements here.  It’s much more effective to do a series of small good deeds, rather than one big one which will possibly make more headlines at the time, then immediately disappears forever in the fog of old information on the internet.

I’m not quite sure I agree with the latest research which shows that small to medium enterprises (SME’s) that give to charity perform better.  I think the bare facts might be true, but maybe it’s more a case of the SME’s with switched on business owners tend to look at all marketing opportunities, traditional and not so traditional for getting the message about their business to as many people as possible, rather than just because they are more altruistic?  But having said that I think this distinction is mainly irrelevant anyhow, since the action benefits both the local community and the business.

In short, giving to charity, with local charities being the focus is a positive thing for small to medium businesses as well as the big boys.


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With some 20 years in financial services as a mortgage broker, business development manager for a large mortgage network, industry blogger Gary Watts, is the founder of Which Network, the UK’s top independent mortgage network consultancy which exists solely to help mortgage brokers to find the best mortgage network for their business. 

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