Impartial Information on mortgage networks

Quite simply the accurate impartial information we provide on mortgage networks will enable you to make the right, informed choice of where to put your business.  Not only from the point of view of safety and prudence, which are both very important points, but also in terms of which is the right mortgage network for your volumes and mix of business.  Perhaps equally important is that you also want a mortgage network that suits the way you work.  Some people prefer to be left alone and get on with their business, with their network in the background, providing systems and compliance, but very little else. Whereas others may want a mortgage network that provides a greater degree of marketing and business development support.  The choice is yours.


Mystery shopping on networks

Using the network’s own guidelines and proposition we get the nuts and bolts information to help us make an informed choice of which mortgage or financial network might be suitable for you, but more than that, through feedback from other brokers, the industry in general, the networks own AR,s and regular mystery shopping exercises we have access to the full story on networks, including information you will not find in their glossy marketing literature.


Thanks, But I’d Rather do my Own Research

This is perfectly understandable, particularly if you have some experience in the financial services sector or business generally, we are a research tool and the final decision as to whether or not a network is good for you will always be in your hands.  However, experience has taught us that if you were to call 10 networks and ask for information then you will generally receive a visit from 10 business development managers or recruiters all of whom will explain why their network is by far the best network for you, they will treat you better than your parents ever did and all of the others are totally unsuitable.

Given this situation, most people will then make a decision based on the business development manager who sounds the most plausible, honest and whose network proposition appears to be the closest to their businesses requirements.

This is understandable and sounds a sensible way to come to a decision but when you consider the above paragraph on the exercise and being a human being, it becomes obvious that in the vast majority of cases what will have actually been discovered is which network has the best salesman.  Very little of the information given to you by the networks is likely to be remotely objective and you can be sure that whoever comes to see you will have conveniently forgotten to mention any of their bad points.